The Best Puppy School in Sydney

First of all, we would like to congratulate you to be the owner of a new puppy! He/she will be taking classes with us as early as 8 weeks of age in our Puppy School Sydney.

We take pride to offer you the highest quality instruction and classroom experience for Sydney dog owners, who want their pups to get the best training from The Best Puppy School Sydney.  

Do You need help with training of your puppy; to not go to the bathroom in your house?  Need your puppy to stop chewing and pulling your belongings and of course the lashes when you are going to work.  These are some issues that can be addressed with proper obedience training, house training and less training. Your house puppy must know their role in the family;  Puppy To Dog School  is committed to creating trustful and happy relationship between owners and puppies through modern and pet-friendly training techniques.  After an initial behaviour consultation and temperament diagnosis we start training of your puppy.

Training modules include:

Module 1:

  • 1 socialization exercises:  food bowl safety/resource guarding
  • Training:   walk with me

Module 2:

  • Puppy topic:   alone time training/ house  training
  • Training:  hand targeting
  • socialization exercise:  practice being left alone

Module 3

  • puppy topic:  body language, anxiety,  preventing fear,  and aggression
  • Training:  greetings with consent

Module 4

  • happy topic:  knitting and knitting/ appropriate play
  • Tree:  tug of war/ drop it
  • Training:   recall games

Why it is important?

To reduce the likelihood of a puppy growing up and developing fear, anxiety,  or  aggression problems,  it is very important to  get the vaccination done and the puppy must have rich socialization history.  In Sydney we have the best puppy socialization classes with strict socialization needs towards the different breeds of dogs.

Puppy To Dog School Has the team of dog trainers who has years of experience working with dozens of dogs. All trainers have always had dogs in their lives and they found great joy with them. Our dog trainers has passion of training the dogs, the love for them has made every one of them a better and successful trainer in our Puppy Training School in Sydney.

We have developed a puppy training program that works perfectly. One of our greatest goal in life is to see a dog get healthy through better loving connection with their families. After buying a puppy we recommend you to take the first step towards having a well trained puppy today and let’s get started.

After observing the behaviour of you and your dog, we provide consultation and temperament diagnosis, that will work with both of you to completely eliminate any negative behaviour either you or your puppy may have; that’s right! You know what? “The best thing people can do for their puppies is to find a good trainer for them”.

In today’s world being comfortable and showing off your assets is very important to be in the race.  Training your dog not only make your life comfortable, but also to your dog and of course your loved ones after watching his impressive activities. Like children a dog also should be sent to school to reach their goal of life, and their one and only goal is your happiness. So, don’t waste your time after buying a puppy send him to the Best Puppy School in Sydney.