Do you love your pets? Of course you do! Every pet, from the littlest fish to the largest horse, is a part of the family. That’s why it’s important to express your love for your pets through good care habits and lots of love and attention. This post will explain how to feed your pet well and exercise with them so that it knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is, in fact, part of the family.

First of all, feeding your pet is a daily task and may seem simple, but good nutrition leads to a quality life and a long one. For canines and felines, a meat or meat by-product first food choice is advantageous, because they are carnivores. Many dog and cat foods use mainly corn or grain, which is fine in proportion, but if the first ingredient in your pet food is corn they might not be getting ample vitamins and minerals. For animals like rabbits and even cows which are vegetarians, it’s important to choose healthy, organic foods which they will not love but benefit from substantially. No matter what kind of pet you have, however, it is a bad thing to overfeed them to the point of obesity or diabetes! People love to show their love for their pets with treats and copious meals, which in moderation is fine, but your animal’s lifespan will be cut short if they are too heavy and sickly. They enjoy treats and food in the moment, but too much over time and they will become miserable.

Next, be active with them! Whether it’s taking your dog on a walk, playing with a toy with your cat, or riding your horse, take time as much as possible to associate with your pet to let them know they’re important to you. (There are exceptions, such as fish that would not appreciate much of your interaction, though there are stories of betas knowing their owners and being excited to see them.) Even rodents and reptiles enjoy being active outside of their small compartments and cages and will appreciate you give them space to stretch. If you need a good pair of shoes to be active with your pet, shop Puma for awesome deals.