Love the Furry Cats? Get them the Right Accessories too

The furry and mostly carnivorous mammal are often called as domestic cats when kept as indoor pets and whereas the outdoor cats don’t need to be distinguished from other breeds because all of them look similar. There are over seventy breeds of cats registered by various cat registers. The cats are from the Animalia kingdom, trinomial name for them is Felis silvestris catus.

Cats have strong flexible body, quick reflexes, sharp claws and teeth which are used to kill small preys. They have a capability to hear sounds in lower frequency and even in higher frequency, which helps them to figure out where their prey is situated at. Like other typical mammals cats too have a poorer vision and a strong sense of smell than humans. Cats are a social species despite being a solitary hunter and they communicate by using variety of vocalizations like mewing, purring, etc. This is where it becomes imperative to choose the right accessories, furniture and playing stuff such that they don’t get hurt while playing.

How to choose the right Cat Furniture?

Choosing Cat Furniture is definitely not an arduous task, but one that involves a bit of your patience and knowledge. There are quite a few companies in the market that design and manufacture Cat furniture exclusively. From cat trees to cat condos to many more, one can find a wide range of options when you decide to purchase furniture that can pamper your kitty. However, there are few things to keep in mind  –

  • Buy a furniture that can fit into your space
  • If you have multiple cats, then you must buy the furniture accordingly
  • Do not forget to buy accessories like scratching posts, dangling toys, tunnels and more alongside the Cat Trees and condos.
  • Always buy furniture or furniture accessories that have sturdy bases; this will ensure that your cat is safe while it is playing, scratching or sleeping.

Cats benefit from playing, and tree houses, condos and trees are well-built and sturdy to handle the pressure of bouncing cats. These do not topple over, nor are they less challenging for these animals, which are as active as they choose to be. It offers them a playful environment with various challenging paths on which they can trudge comfortably. There will be multiple levels, climbing ladders, lounging banks and ramps that offer them immense entertainment. Considering that they are small, these are built to be compact and will easily be accommodated in any location in your house. They do not impose, nor steal focus from the rest of the décor. The craftsmanship involved in kitty furniture is of high quality, and this allows it to be more hardy and long-lasting. It allows little kitty to sharpen her nails on them, but the dents and scratches do not damage the look it has.

Cat furniture will also include scratching posts, which allows your feline companion to sharpen her nails and indulge in the fun, while at it. Cat furniture should allow maximum stability while also comforting and entertaining your pet.