How You Can Take Proper Care Of Your Pet Rabbit

The wild bunnies are constantly alert for an attack from the predators; they remain tensed and nervous as well. On the contrary, the domestic pet bunnies mainly live inside the home and where their charming personalities arise. The smart, curious and the funny bunnies are entertaining, and they show several antics, and they curl up in the lap as they look for the soft snuggles. A healthy, socialized bunny rabbit is a welcome addition for many families. In this article, you will come to know how you can take care of your bunny and how to protect it from the wild animals.

Where You Can Keep Your Bunny

You should keep your pet rabbit inside the home. As the bunny is the social animal, it will always want to stay close to the people. If you are using the cage, it should be 4 feet wide and 2 feet in height. The large cage is also even better than the mentioned size. You can also avoid the wire-bottom cages as they can cut the feet. You can line the bottom of the cage with hay to make it warm and soft. As the bunnies are prone to overheating, you can keep the animal in the hutch. You can get various pet supplies online. Treasurebox is one such platform that provides various items at affordable rates.

Let your rabbit plays and do exercise in the home, but you should keep an eye on the pet, mainly when it is young. You should be careful as the rabbit may chew the electrical cords or pull the table lamps. The bunny can destroy furniture. Never leave the bunny outdoors as he can be prey for neighbourhood cats or dogs.

Provide the Right Food To Your Bunny

Provide fresh hay, vegetables and commercially prepared pellets. You can give fruits occasionally as a treat. The hay keeps the intestinal tract of the bunny free from the hairballs. You can also give the alfalfa hay to the baby rabbit for the first 7 weeks. The pet rabbit can have unlimited access to the hay as long as it is fresh and dry. You can also provide the quality pellets that are fresh. The vegetables are also an important part of the diet of the bunny. You can give a small amount of vegetables when the rabbit is small.

Keep Your Bunny Healthy

When you bring home a baby bunny, you should take the animal to the vet who is specialized in small animals. You should take the bunny for the monthly or weekly checkup to find out whether the animal is safe or not. You can give vaccines and medicines to the pet if it is suffering from any health issues.

The bunny rabbits can also suffer from the intestinal blockage due to the hair fall or lack in proper exercise. Some symptoms that your bunny is suffering from health conditions include the decrease in appetite and also increase in the size of droppings. Hence, it is very important to take care of your bunny and buy the best hutch for it to keep it safe. You can get rabbit hutch in NZ or other places online at affordable prices.