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How does an automatic dog / cat feeder work?

The mode of operation depends first of all on whether the device is operated with or without power and whether it is intended for a land-living animal or an underwater animal species.

Simple feeders for land animals consist of a bowl or allow it to be grown on it. Larger animals need feeders that can fill a trough or bucket.

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In automatic feeders for dogs and cats, for example, the bowl is divided into four sections, three of which are covered. The next full section can be turned to the opening in the lid, which happens by hand. As a result, feed can be pre-portioned and offered at the right time . The same shape is available in battery mode , which allows you to set when the next portion of feed will be provided. This works with a timer. Other forms of feeders without power and battery have an upright tube into which dry feed is poured. Gravity causes the feed to slide down in portions. However, it can not be set when the animal is being fed. The daily ration is filled in the feeders and gradually slips into the bowl. If it is full, nothing can slip. On the other hand, if the bowl is emptied, new food can be added again.

Digital feeders already work in more detail. Each machine of this type can set when the animal should receive the next ration. How much food the feeder can hold depends on the size of the store. The size of a portion is also adjustable. Depending on the capacity, the animal may be fed for a prolonged period, even when no one is home to feed it. Nevertheless, the normal meal times are not broken.

A special feature are feeders for pet animals, which read the microchip of the animal. They can be individually set to an animal and are used when several animals should be fed at the same time without supervision . The animal pokes its head through a hole that either blocks or releases access to the food. While doing so, it is identified via its microchip and the pet feeder detects if another animal wants to eat the ration. He does not allow that. In this way, two animals can be fed at the same time in the absence of the owner and it is avoided that one animal eats the ration of the other or gets its food, if it should not.

Below- water feeders are used in fish aquariums. They are also under water and deliver the fish feed in just as controlled quantities as a pet feeder for a land animal. The only important thing is that the fish food is durable. Good for such feeders are flakes or globules, which eat the fish immediately when they are released into the water. If the feeder is set correctly, nothing remains and the water in the aquarium can not be contaminated by the food.

Feeders  for terrariums represent a special form . Depending on the habits and preferences of the species, the species that live here can be supplied with dry food or even with dead food, but many need occasionally or even  regularly live food . If such a feeding in the times in which no one is home, this can be difficult.

For reptiles that feed on mealworms, there are automatic feeders where the mealworms are first kept until they are fed. When it’s time to feed, a grid opens down and the mealworms wind through it. The reptile can position itself below and drag worms through the grid. For fish species that also or exclusively feed on live food , there are similar concepts.

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