Protected horse wall

Secure moose fence is vital for virtually any paddock or perhaps ranch to keep horses securely contained, to stop injury and prevent third get together accidents. The fence also need to prevent virtually any domestic pets entering the particular paddock and also contain any animals that could be grazing with all the horses for instance sheep or perhaps goats.

Woven line horse fencing offers a balance of safety and security. A fine mesh size regarding 2″ simply by 4″ really helps to prevent race horses from acquiring their hooves stuck inside the fence and also pulling away from shoes around the lower strands.

A Torus inflexible stay knot fence supplies the strength needed to contain these kinds of large, robust animals; the particular fixed top to bottom wires offer optimal durability, combined with all the smooth and also safe Torus knot which won’t have any well-defined edges. It will help to stop manes, tails, or pricey rugs coming from getting caught inside the fence and also causing injury or injuries.

Before starting a moose fence project you will need to consider your needs. There are usually various diverse specifications regarding high tensile stiched wire fence. Depending about paddock dimensions and perhaps the animals are usually stallions, young inventory or driving horses can influence the decision of moose fencing.

High tensile stiched wire fencing will not require retightening and also minimizes servicing costs. For moose fencing it could be useful to incorporate in a distinct electrified wire or even a polymer-coated railroad above the particular woven line fence web, to stop the horse coming from leaning at the top wire, cribbing about posts or perhaps rubbing around the fence

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