Expenses To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Horse

If you love horses, chances are you want to have one of your own to ride, care for, and enjoy. Whether you want to keep your horse at your home or use a boarding facility, the costs related to ownership can be quite high. The expenses go beyond the initial cost to purchase the horse. You also need to budget for food and medical care. Here are some things to remember before deciding to become a horse owner.


There are several kinds of insurance related to horse ownership. The kind of policy you will need depends on many factors: where your horse lives, who rides it, and whether you enter it in races or shows. The horse insurance cost may change significantly if you are an instructor who uses your horse for lessons on a commercial property compared to if you just keep it at your home as a pet.


If you plan to ride your horse frequently, chances are it will need shoes or at least regular trimming from a farrier. Many horses require farrier visits every month, and the costs can be high. If you live in a remote location or your horse requires special shoes, you may need to budget even more for these expenses.


If you have access to an arena or trails around your home, you may not need to transport your horse very often. However, it’s important to consider the cost of trailering if you need to take your horse to lessons, shows, trails, or boarding facilities. You may want to consider the costs and convenience factors of owning your own trailer compared to hiring a transportation company.

Owning a horse may be one of the most satisfying decisions you make, especially if you have dreamed of having your own horse for years. Before you sign the ownership papers, be sure to calculate the costs of insurance, farrier services, and transportation.