Which Guinea Pig Breeds are best to keep as pets? Find out below

Guinea pigs are soft and adorable species which make good pets. Not only the adults but the kids also love their company and enjoy goofing around with them because of their gentle temperaments.

But sometimes, people do not acknowledge the fact that they are bringing home the cute animals as pets and they need to take proper care of them to keep them happy and healthy.

And so, before you intend to make any such commitments about bringing home guinea pigs as pets, you should know more about the Guinea Pig Breeds and their behavioural aspects.

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Merino guinea pig

they are very intelligent amongst all other breeds. They have a roaming nature and for that, you need to provide them with a large cage. They are also very affectionate and that’s why a favourite amongst the owners.

Lunkarya guinea pig

they have rough and long curls which also subjects them to be called “lunk” by the pet lovers. They can live up to 8 years if well taken care of! They do not like overexposure to the sun and likes to be kept indoors.

Peruvian Guinea Pig

they have smooth and soft fur that can grow for almost 2 feet long and this is what makes their breed the best amongst the rest. The thick coat around them needs proper grooming and occasional trimming too! They are very curious and alert and greet everyone that stops near their cage.

Alpaca guinea pig

they have wavy and coarse fur which makes them the most beautiful of the other breeds. They can live up to 8 years but need high maintenance.

Himalayan guinea pig

these types of guinea pigs are albino forms who have brown or black ears, nose and feet. As they are the Himalayan form, they prefer cold climate and thus, are good for people who live in colder region away from too much exposure to sunlight. They are best as indoor pets and can live up to 7 years.

Rex guinea pig

children are very fond of this breed because of its short and wool-like fur. It has droopy ears that makes it even more adorable. It is also not recognized by ACBA.

Sheba guinea pig

though not officially recognized by the ACBA, this type of guinea pig breed has dense fur that makes it adorable. It’s affectionately called the “bad hair day” due to the dense fur which requires daily maintenance.

Teddy guinea pig

as is evident by the name, this breed is more like a furry friend. The dense and soft coat needs once a while brushing and your pet is happy! They make good pets for children for their fluffy nature.

The takeaway

Apart from the mentioned ones, there are more breeds that are present within the guinea pig community today. They are all adorable and cute pets. They just need proper care and timely treatment to remain in a good health condition.

When you handle them with affection and care from an early age, they can become very friendly with you. They are also a kind of animal who is very intelligent and inquisitive. When they are familiar with you they are certainly your best friend. So the next time you get confused as to which breed to choose from, hopefully, this article might help you to choose the best breeds!