How Much Do Corals Cost?

So you have decided to dive into the world of the deep sea and now you are a little curious on how to start. You have come to the right place. Now even though it is known that Sea Salt aquariums are more difficult to set up and the fish living inside take a lot more work and need more care than a normal aquarium that you can buy at the store, once you have set up your tank you really won’t mind the work after seeing the gorgeous layout.

Whether you are leasing a huge saltwater tank for your office building or you are buying one for your own personal observation for your house, this aquarium will no doubt bring a smile to anyone who comes across it.

The tank sizes vary depending on what you’re looking for but usually, it is the routine; Small, medium, and large.

Small tanks usually need 2 to 15 gallons of saltwater.

Medium tanks need 20 to 40 gallons.

And large tanks go up to about 90 gallons, usually meant for the doctor’s office or workspace.

The prices vary just like the tank size, the bigger the tank the bigger the price tag and vice versa. Depending on if you want it new or used, the price you’re looking at ranges from 100 dollars to 2,000. But that also comes with all of the water pumps and other equipment you would need to keep your tank and all of the living things in it happy and healthy.

Speaking of living things, there are a lot more options to having a saltwater tank than there are for regular tanks. Well, maybe not more options but you will definitely have a selection if more unique fish than you would find at the pet store.

For some of the basic breeds of saltwater fish, you can get away with paying 5 to 15 dollars. For more unique and special fish, their price can go up to 40 dollars. And for the most exotic fish, they might cost you a pretty penny at 1,000. But sometimes it is worth it for a beautiful setup tank with lots of interesting fish.

When adding in decorative details to your aquarium you also have some options, you can get some regular status from your local pet store or you can get corals for sale. The price of corals ranges depending on where you find corals for sale and whether or not they’re decorative or living.

The price of decorative corals can be anywhere from 5 dollars to 50, depending on what you want and where you’re looking. Living corals, on the other hand, start the price around 40 for a beginner and the more advanced ones go to around 150 and the price goes higher for more unique types of coral so it’s really best to start with the beginners pack and work your way up that way.

It is always good to remember that this tank, while beautiful, is a lot of work. But once you have set up your saltwater aquarium and know how to take care of your living things inside of it, you will be a natural and will have nothing but happiness to look forward to when observing your aquarium. I wish you all the luck on this journey and I hope your aquariums turn out as gorgeous as you imagine them to be.