Do you have your Bearded Dragons Cage set up correctly?

It is general practice to house bearded dragons in large-sized aquarium tanks. These make it easy to create a warm, suitable environment for the animal, with an optimal measure of humidity. The smallest tank that can be used will have a 20 gallon capacity and should be long, rather than high or wide. This, however, will only suffice while the dragon is six inches long or shorter. It should be noted that it is in the best interest of pet owners to never purchase these reptiles when they are much smaller than this size. They tend to be more fragile and easier to stress out when they are very young. Thus, people do well to acquire more mature pets when making these purchases.

Bearing this in mind, a 20 gallon tank will need to be upgraded fairly soon. With the cost considerations of switching out a tank, it is usually best for people to opt for the next size up, which is a 40 gallon tank or a breeder tank. These will suffice in size until the animal reaches a full ten inches, but beyond this time, they do not provide ample space for running. You can read here about the top bearded dragon cages reviews.

Tank covers are the next important consideration to make as these will ultimately determine the quality of the interior environment. In the interest of maintaining sufficient internal heat or simply to avoid additional costs, many people opt to use wood or plexiglass for their tank covers. Unfortunately, however, these materials do not promote optimal air circulations and this can cause issues for their pets.

This makes it important to always choose a screen cover rather than one that is constructed from plexiglass or wood. These make it easy for air to move freely into and out of the tank. This increased circulation makes the living space more like the dragons natural living environment and is therefore conducive to optimal health.

Another thing that people should note

is that screen covers do not allow massive amounts of heat to escape. Your lighting and heating elements can continue to function effectively in spite of having a very porous cover. This also helps to regulate humidity so that it is not oppressively humid in the living environment.

When choosing an appropriate flooring for the tank, you should avoid using wood shavings or sand, especially if you have a juvenile bearded dragon on your hands. Younger pets may be tempted to sample these substances. This could cause dietary and health issues. It is additionally important to consider the fact that these will be much harder to clean, especially in terms of removing dead crickets and worms or any rotten vegetation.

It is best to use special calcium sand for adult reptiles. For younger dragons, you can opt for a coconut fiber bedding instead. Understanding that different dragons will have different requirements at every stage of life is the most important bearded dragons cage information that pet owners can learn. Thus, the living environment should be age and size appropriate as well as easy to adapt to changing needs.