Types of Eye Discharge in a Boxer dog and Ways to Prevent and Combat

Dogs are one of the popular animals to be kept as pets and security purposes around the world. The highly liked breed includes the Boxer breed which has a good reputation for being a happy, hyper and playful loyal pet and companion. A boxer has an average life span of 8 to 10 years. In its entire duration they do show signs and symptoms of health issues out of which the Boxer dog eye discharge holds the most frequent problem for many.

The first signs and symptoms of eye infections and discharge is the mucus coming gout of the eye as a reaction to some basic allergy to dust etc. This is called allergic eye drainage which is usually yellowish in color. Normally the boxer eye discharge is a response to the debris accumulation which is hence cleaned out via the discharge.

A few reasons, signs/symptoms and solutions to the Boxer dog eye discharge are as follows

  • Allergies

Boxer dogs can be allergic to numerous things. Daily dust, pollen, grass when inhaled can caused allergies resulting itching, watery eyes, thick mucus discharge etc.

  • Eye Ulcers

Boxer dogs are prone to developing ulcers in their eyes called corneal ulcers when outer layer of the cornea breaks due to some injury. It results in eye discharge, redness, excessive blinking, and sensitivity to light and squinting. This is usually treated with oral antibiotics or ointments.

  • Conjunctivitis

At times, the boxer dog develops pus like eye booger in their eye which results in pain and watery discharge from the eye. This is called a bacterial or viral pink eye known as conjunctivitis. The symptoms are a thin layer appearing on the white part of the eye, and sometimes inside the eyelids making it difficult to blink and watering the eyes.

  • Corneal Dystrophy

A genetic disease amongst the boxer dogs, called Corneal dystrophy results in making the outer layer of the cornea cloudy. Multiple layers are formed, giving the cornea a pinkish color. This might result in vision loss if not treated properly.

  1. Epiphora

Boxer dogs usually face the issue of excessive tearing of the eyes. Tears roll out frequently called Epiphora, which results in brown staining underneath the eye, irritation in the eye, and a bad odor.

  1. Keratoconjuctivis Sicca

At times, the boxer dog faces a medical issue where the eyes are dry. It is an inability to produce enough eye tears. This happens when the tear gland has experienced some trauma or injury resulting in a yellowish discharge from the eye, swelling of the eye lids, excessive blinking etc. This might lead to corneal damage if not treated properly.

  1. Glaucoma

This medical issue in boxer dog occurs when the pressure id put on the eye somehow. Usually due to eye inflammation or eye cancer, the drainage occurs called Glaucoma. This results in drainage of Ocular fluid.  Symptoms include excessive blinking, bulging of eyes and cloudy eyes.

To make sure your Boxer dog recovers from Eye discharge, wash your boxers face frequently, wipe the eyes out with clean fabric, and rinse the eyes. Proper meals per day with healthy vitamins and nutritional elements to keep your boxer healthy and able to fight such diseases. If any of the mentioned above symptoms are seen in your boxer, take them to the Vet immediately for the treatment and early healing.