Problems You Should Look Out for in Dog Day Care

Even the best dog daycare centers in your area will have their share of problems. Your dog may love being dropped off in a kennel for the day, but over time their enjoyment of the facility may wane, and you may be left scratching your head as to what happen. There are many things that can go wrong in a dog day care centre and it is up to you as the pet owner to keep your eyes open so that you can bring problems to the attention of the staff. Here are some common problems that you should look out for:


Every dog daycare center has new dogs coming in all the time, and while they try and make the best fit for them some of the new entrants may not get along very well with your pet. You may notice because of new, unexplained aggression or your dog may come home with wounds and bruises.


This is a common problem in younger dogs, especially those of active breeds. Your dog may want to play till it drops, not knowing that it may be upsetting other dogs. You will notice because your dog will not want to leave the daycare center at the end of the day, and other dogs may shy away. When you drop your dog off in the morning take time to observe how others interact. It helps to get a regular report from the employees at the center.

Reinforcing bad behavior

Your favorite pet has her share of bad behavior and the last thing you want is to take her to a daycare centre where the behavior is reinforced. It can include things like destroying pillows, cushions and even furniture, rough play, biting on the wrong things and so on. When you first take your dog to daycare you should indicate these behaviors on the intake form and ask the staff to look out for them and try and correct them. If you notice that your dog is getting worse she may be in a setting that’s not right for her.


When you first approach a dog day care they will promise that they will take the best care of your dog, but some are understaffed and as a result your animal is not fed on time. If you are leaving your dog in the kennel for more than a few hours at a time she may end up starving. You may notice that when you get home all she wants to do is eat, or she may begin to lose weight. If the vet confirms that the problem is underfeeding it may be time to find a new dog daycare facility.


This is a common one, and unfortunately it is hard to avoid. Dogs are like people – when they spend a lot of time together they will end up passing each other common diseases. When you first take in your dog make sure to give a clear assessment of her health and any medical problems she may have. Other dog owners will hopefully have done the same. However, if your dog starts showing signs of illness you should see the vet right away and make sure to inform the day care center so that other dog owners can be on the lookout for symptoms.